March 27, 2015

We swapped out our old laptop hard drive #ificandoit


In a bit of “inside baseball” news, we recently replaced the hard drive of one of our laptops. Yeah – for some reason we actually do end up filling these things…despite what the sales rep would have us believe.

Somewhere along the line we end up with tons of photos, renders, and other files (first world blogger problems) on top of our music and programs. Instead of adding a secondary or USB hard drive we opted for a new 512GB SSD (840 Pro SATA III) from Samsung. Not only would this be more storage than we already had, but considerably faster and more stable as well.

Samsung is currently offering a running a social media campaign (#ificandoit) where they invite people to document the process of installing one of their solid state drives. We took the challenge and were only too please with the results.

In the event you didn’t see our YouTube video over the weekend, we’ve embedded it below.

A quick glance through some of the other results online tells us that we’re not alone in finding the process simple. Should you be in the market for a lighter, faster, more stable hard drive in that old laptop of yours, we suggest checking out Samsung’s offerings!

Learn more at Samsung


  1. Major_Pita

    Seems like copying your current drive image onto the new drive via an E-SATA cable would be the most time consuming part. The rest is just a a few screws and swapping the drive.


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