Is that a new Nexus 7 in the Google Maps video?



A Google Maps video which went live just a few short days ago may provide our first glimpse at the next Nexus 7 tablet. You’ll notice around the :50 mark that an unknown tablet makes a fleeting appearance. While it definitely could be the next-generation Nexus 7 tablet, it could also be a generic placeholder device.

Given this is an official Google video we’re inclined this is a legit tablet and possibly the Nexus 7. And, assuming this is the real deal, we might infer that we might soon see this hit retail channels. Google is rumored to release a faster, higher resolution version of the popular 7-inch tablet in the near term.

Looking a bit like a stretched out Nexus One, we kind like the rounded edges and soft bevel. What about you?

UPDATE: As one of our Twitter followers points out, this could be a ZTE tablet. A quick glance at the ZTE Optik images and we suspect they could be right!  Thanks, iSaifu!


    • Which probably has far greater functionality than the current Nexus 7. Larry and Sergey better damn well drown the new tablet in sd, hdmi ports and HML support or don’t even bother wasting consumers time!

  1. The edges on the N7 have been one of the only complaints – making it uncomfortable to hold for extended periods. This design seems to resolve that issue.

  2. OK, if that’s a Nexus, then it looks as if the docking port is on the left side – note the alignment holes on either side of the socket and a microphone is on the bottom. Any guesses as to the covered port on the bottom left? Did you notice that you can really zoom this photo? When zoomed it almost looks like the symbol for micro-SD molded into the port cover. Nah, couldn’t be. Not on a Nexus. Could it??