21.5-inch Acer DA220HQL “all-in-one” announced with TI processor

Acer announced on Monday that it has begun offering the DA220HQL, a not-quite all-in-one PC experience powered by Android. Details include a 21.5-inch (1920×1080) display, USB 3.0, VGA, HDMI and DVI ports, microSD expansion, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Of particular note is the Texas Instruments 4430 ARM chip, which is different from what we were expecting late last week.  Apparently some online retailers had incorrectly listed the device with an Intel Haswell processor. Chances are good, however, that this won’t matter much to the average user or target demographic. Really, if you look at where this is listed within Acer’s website, it comes across more of a monitor that also runs Android.

The Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Acer DA220HQL is available now with a $399.99 starting price.