Google Play downloads look to overtake Apple by this fall

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google play 4.0We talk a lot of smack about Apple around here, and this time I’m going to try and be a little kinder. Let me begin by saying congrats to Apple as they recently celebrated their 50-billionth app download. Ok, the ability to be nice stops there as it has been announced that Android users are currently downloading 500-million more apps per month than Apple, and at that rate Andy will speed on by and be the most popular on the market by this fall.

Thanks to new devices from Samsung, Google Play has forged ahead despite limited top-end applications and consumers who are conscious buyers. There are now 900-million Android devices in the market compared to 600-million Apple products today. To help push Andy ahead, Android has recently won over a large number of app developers and even though things started slow and less apps launch first on Android, a growing number of the most popular are now available on both platforms and the gap between launches seems to be narrowing.

Here are some interesting stats: Apple says that more than 850,000 titles are available on its App Store, while Google recently mentioned that 48-billion apps in total have been downloaded from Play. Approximately 2-billion iOS apps are downloaded each month, but about 2.5-billion are downloaded on Android devices from Google Play.

At this rate, it is expected that Google will be in the lead by October. Go Andy!





Source: The Telegraph



  1. I love my Nexus 7 and Android. But as much as I love Android I’m not too blinded to admit that while we’re closing the quantity gap with Apple we are still WAY behind on closing the quality gap. There are still tons of great games that have not made their way to Android yet. And don’t even get me started on the educational sector. Try and find Encyclopedia Britannica on Android – nope, only for iOS. Try and find any official Nickelodeon Apps for Android – nope still exclusively on iOS. Try to find any official Disney apps for Android – OK there’s a FEW but with the exception of Wreck it Ralph it’s mostly much older and less popular titles.

    As much as I love Jellybean and software keys as an adult they make HORRIBLE kid experiences. My 2 year old constantly fumbles his little fingers and hand on the back and home keys exiting out of the apps which results in frustration all around. I know there is programatically a way to make apps go completely full screen so this is more a stab at inexperienced Android developers than Google.

    I guess one could argue Google Experience devices aren’t for kids except for the fact that during the Nexus 7 launch I would constantly see Google employees ranting on how much their kids love them. The Nexus Google experience is ANYTHING but kid friendly. With Google’s recent push into the educational sector just announced at IO13 I’m hoping they address this and many of the other kid friendly issues missing. I would love for the day where I could setup a user profile on my Nexus device for my kids without them needing a Google account yet still be able to control what apps are and aren’t available to them.