Three days only: Buy a Cruzerlite case, get a free plushie!


Our friends at Cruzerlite are throwing another great promotion this week, this time in the form of a quasi-BOGO deal.  The gist is this: buy any Cruzerlite case through the Amazon store and you receive a free APK Plushie.  That’s nearly $20 in free Android collectible just for buying a case you should have already considered.


To take advantage of the promotion simply add the promo code APKPLUSH. Note that you will want to add both your case and the plushie to your cart to get the code to work properly.

Hurry, the promotion ends at 11:59PM EST on June 6.

  • Yeah, BS!!! I just tried to buy a case for my Atrix HD, right from the Cruzerlite store, and Amazon says the code can’t be applied to my purchase. Canceled my order, and I’ll make sure & never buy anything from Cruzerlite. What, were too many taking them up on the offer?

    • JoelMic

      you need to add both in your cart

  • Okay, so I kept trying, and after about the 50th attempt at doing precisely the same thing, it suddenly worked. It’s all good now!