10 kick ass icon packs for Android

10 kick ass icon packs for Android


So you’ve gotten into customizing your phone or tablet a bit and now you want to tweak a bit more. Have you checked out our 25 fantastic icon packs post from early February? What about the other 10 icon packs we highlighted in March? Pretty sweet stuff, no? How about another 10 icon packs?

One of the easiest ways to change your existing look is to install a new launcher.  Once you do that, it’s even easier to swap icons in and out. Want to shake off the winter blues and put something a bit more spring-like or colorful? Presto. Prefer a minimal look with single colors across the board? Done.  Wanna get in on the whole flat and square look that seems to be all the rage? Here ya go!

We’ve gathered up 10 kick ass icon packs to go along with our previous collections. We’ll continue curating these types of lists and will return with more once we’ve scooped up enough!

Check out the  gallery for a sample of the great icon packs available for Android. Mouse over anything that appeals to you, find out the name then head below for links!

Note that there are a number of launchers for Android and that not all of these may play nice. Our advice is to read the details and check out the user comments if you aren’t quite sure. Further, some of these will require manual selection and adjustment. 

  • Flatro – More than 160 icons and  four wallpapers, this one is equal parts minimal, round, and throwback. $1.49
  • PlayCon – Over 200 icons spread across multiple color options, this pack looks right at home with the recent Google Play designs.  FREE
  • Motif – Gorgeous in every sense of the word, we appreciate that it looks both retro and futuristic at the same time. $1.49
  • Card Stock – With tons of icons to choose from, this bundle works well with minimal layouts and designs. $1.79
  • HexaPulse – Designed to replace icons on an individual basis; transparent, hexagon shapes are stunning with any background. FREE
  • Modern –  Vibrant, rounded corners make these icons jump off the home screen no matter what wallpaper you use. $1.27
  • Mianogen – This icon packs looks much like the designs that Google uses today (JFK) and adds a clean, minimal touch to your experience. FREE
  • Versicolor (Slate) – What better way to tone things down than with a grey-scale icon pack? Not your cup o’ tea? The developers have other color bundles to choose from. FREE
  • Tersus – Stunning, this bundle packs nearly 1,000 icons designed with XHDPI in mind; a value if we’ve ever seen one. $1.79
  • Dark Grunge – Created for specific launchers, you’ll want to make sure you get the right one! These look absolutely gorgeous set against dark or solid color backgrounds. $1.50

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