Jay-Z to sign exclusive mega-deal with Samsung

Jay-Z to sign exclusive mega-deal with Samsung

Samsung and Jay-Z are very close to finishing inking out a deal, although the specifics are pretty vague at this point. The contract will be worth as much as $20 million, and is said to be completed “in the next few weeks”. This contract is going to be the biggest of its kind.

While we don’t know¬†exactly¬†what the contract will entail, there are some speculations:

  • A new music streaming service, focused on artists that Jay-Z hopes to promote, as well as centering around his own music (obviously)
  • New hardware – think Beats headphones and Beats-specific devices. We would probably be looking at a slew of audio equipment that would be compatible with Jay-Z’s branded phones, tablets, etc.
  • Promotions of concerts and media events
  • Jay-Z as an official spokesperson for Samsung

These all sound pretty likely at this point, and you can bet that Jay-Z will be pretty much plastered all over anything Samsung for a number of months, due to the 8-figure agreement being signed.

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