Lookout releases report on mobile threats around the world

Lookout releases report on mobile threats around the world

This morning Lookout, one of the top antivirus and device tracking solutions for Android, released the first visual report that compares mobile threat types (and likelihoods) in countries around the world. This breakdown of mobile threats is a first, and it gives insight into what’s really going on with mobile malware. Note: The company limited this report to a specific set of countries across a range of global geographies including the US, UK, Germany, Japan and India.

When it comes to the possibility of a user encountering at least one threat in a 7 day period, the outcome isn’t too surprising. According to Lookout:

  • There is a 1.6% likelihood that a user will encounter adware.
  • There is a .22% chance that a user will encounter chargeware.
  • There is a .10% chance that a user will encounter spyware.
  • There is a .16% chance that a user will encounter some sort of surveillance.
  • There is a .53% chance that a user will encounter a trojan program.

Lookout also included information in their reports that compared types of mobile threats to the likelihood of them occurring in different countries. It should be no surprise that adware dominates in all countries, thanks to the lack of regulation and guidelines that pertain to what is seen as acceptable advertising methods.

When it comes to trojans Germany takes the gold, and also has somewhat high threat levels with a surprising 2.37% likelihood of catching any type of virus or program. The U.K. took the award for chargeware and a 2.16% probability of any type of threat, and India had the highest likelihood of adware and also the highest threat probability at 5.49%. Japan is pretty clean compared to the other countries due to the absence of SMS and comes in at just a 0.78% probability of threats. Surveillanceware is pretty popular in the U.S. with its somewhat legal position in the market. The states probability of threat is in the middle at 1.66%.

The company states that their goal of this report is to “educate, making people more aware of these threats so that they can be mindful while browsing and downloading information, links, and apps on their mobile devices.” Make sure to take a look at the charts( below) provided by Lookout and tell us, are you at all surprised by what you read?




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