A2Z – Multiple modes of A-to-Z finger frolicking

A2Z is an awesome and quick game that makes you tap from A to Z as fast as you can.  There are plenty of similar games that can make your fingers fly, but A2Z delivers multiple modes and difficulties to have you playing for dozens of minutes at a time.  It also has Google Play Games support to top off your addiction.

2013-05-23 22.15.51While the gameplay is simple and not extremely unique, A2Z hooked me immediately with its Holo-inspired look and overall polish.  As you start a new normal game, the timer counts down, and you are left with sixteen lettered tiles.  You are able to see the letters A, B, C, D, and possibly E, but F may be hidden under a tile until you tap a correct letter and it flips over (26 letters, only 16 tiles).  Then, the only thought you have is the sing-song alphabet in your head.

Aside from the normal mode of tapping A to Z, A2Z brings disco mode (all the tiles strobe different colors), blind mode (for those who want to dim the disco mode), hard mode (my favorite, you tap letters backwards, from Z to A), geek mode (I cannot help you here, it is all binary numbers), shuffle mode (the letters coincidentally shuffle), and digital mode (you tap from 1 to 60 instead of alphabetically).

So you are saying to yourself, “I like all these modes, but I can only compete with myself for so long before I need to be able to brag to someone else.”  With Google Play Games integration, you can view your high scores from whomever is playing A2Z in your circles or from anyone that plays the game worldwide.  Each mode has its own leaderboard and you can separate the list into all-time, today, or this week.

[pullquote1 quotes=”true” align=”center” variation=”mossgreen” textColor=”#000000″]The only thought you have is the sing-song alphabet in your head.[/pullquote1]

Also, A2Z gives you achievements similar to PlayStation Trophies or Xbox… Achievements.  Some of them are fairly simple, only requiring that you play a mode, but other achievements have you beating modes in a certain amount of time.  For example, a normal mode achievement wants you to beat it in under six seconds, which is freakish.

A2Z is the spirit of what mobile games strive to be.  You can pick it up, play, become addicted, forget you are at the doctor’s office, and almost beat your high score (you remember those nine seconds fondly) until someone interrupts you, forcing you to glare them into submission.  The multiple modes, Google Play Games integration, and achievements make the experience so much richer that you will not accept being anything but the best at geek mode (because you cannot beat my hard-mode time).

What we liked

  • Very polished.
  • Google Games integration.
  • Many modes, many difficulties.

What could be improved

  • Even more modes or themes.
  • The achievements list has a noticeable blur effect when scrolling.

[download_link link=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=pt.xenops.a2zplay&feature=search_result” variation=”green” target=”blank”]Download A2Z (Google Play)[/download_link]