Samsung intros official wireless charging pad for Galaxy S4



Samsung announced on Friday that the official wireless charging pad is now available for the Samsung Galaxy 4. Offered as two separate pieces, GS4 owners can purchase the Qi-certified Samsung Wireless Charging Pad and Wireless Charging Battery Cover. Should you pick up both you can expect to spend around $90 or so.

These are the perfect accessories for those who cannot be bothered by plugging in their handset at bedtime or during work hours. Simply lay the phone down on the pad and it charges up as if you plugged in the microUSB cord.

Charging Pad | Battery Cover



  1. This is stupid. At least with the wire you can move the phone around and use it. This is more a novelty. i dont see how this is even useful. 90 bucks just to show off.. yea sure its “technically” wireless.. but what good is that if u cant even have the phone in ur hand.

    • Not really. With the GS4’s Smart Gestures, you can answer the phone in speaker mode without picking it up. With Bluetooth enabled, you can use an old Bluetooth keyboard to type, and with Screen Mirroring enabled you can be viewing the GS4’s screen on a number of Samsung or DLNA-compatible monitors.