CyanogenMod 10.1 RC5 out now

CyanogenMod 10.1 RC5 out now

We’re well on our way, folks! It’s looking as though we might actually see a CM10.1.0 stable before the next Android API is even announced! Huge shout out to everyone helping make these builds a possibility, really awesome job guys!

If you’re excited and want to show the team your support, head on over to and make good use of that donation form at the bottom!

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  1. Thaiger
    June 08, 03:44 Reply

    Super nice.
    Its realy a great job, thumbs up, i love it.

  2. A.Noid
    June 09, 16:55 Reply

    my phone has yet to see rc3, 4, or 5. it also has serious freezing, and rebooting issues ever since the April experimental. seems to be widespread on my phone as well. I have seem a lot of talk about it. also bluetooth stops working until a reboot fairly often as well.

  3. Jamaul Wilkins
    June 09, 19:34 Reply

    I am really enjoying RC5 however everytime I try to send a photo attachments using text it just says sending but never sends. Maybe this can be fixed in a new release.

    • Tommy T.
      June 10, 12:24 Reply

      I have the same problem, reverting to rc4 til then.

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