January 27, 2015

Get the "iOS Parallax Effect" wallpaper for your Android NOW


So, you really like that new fancy layered background for Apple’s iOS, do you? I mean, what’s not to adore? You can move your phone to make it look like there’s space between your wallpaper and the icons.  Super new and innovative right? Hardly.  You can get that look for your Android device today and it’s only gonna cost you $1.60 in the process.

[pullquote3 quotes=”true” align=”center” textColor=”#0aa5da” cite=” – Gizmodo on the parallax effect”]It’s like magic distilled from squeezed rainbow unicorn ponies sandwiched between glass and metal.[/pullquote3]

Called 3D Image Live Wallpaper, it’s actually been around quite a while and has racked up a rather impressive number of downloads – especially for a paid live wallpaper. With this app you can set any image you want as your background and then give the illusion that there are layers on the desktop experience.


We’ve played with it a few times in the past and have come to appreciate the minor updates along the way. You can pick and choose how sensitive things are, what degree of movement happens, and more.

See how it works on Android…

Indeed, this one works on Android 2.3 and above so pretty much everyone out there.


  1. baker_tony

    comments on the app sum up the difference between Android and iOS though :-(
    “…bad graphics corruption in the menu after setting a custom image. Nexus 4.”

    • Rovex

      So, it doesn’t play well with one phone. It works perfectly on my HTC One. It also works on the S4. Given the sales of the N4 its not going to bother many.

      • ElvisMarmaduke

        They’ll probably boost how many hours they put into it to push out some higher quality images now that it’s going to be a big fuss topic.

      • baker_tony

        Actually, I’ve been trying other gyroscope wallpapers, like GyroSpace 3D, kick ass!

  2. Shahriar Farkhan

    When I first read this I thought I could do this on my Nexus 7 with Jelly Bean… Then I read that I need to buy a 3rd party app.
    So, Apple offers this built in iOS7 and guys say Google had it first via a 3rd party app?
    Wow, you must be channeling Steve Job’ reality distortion field.

  3. Joel

    one issue I have is I don’t know where the settings ‘app’ or ‘dialogue’ area is. I can run/open it from the google play store… but don’t know where to launch it on my device. Anyone?