NVIDIA Tegra 4i phone surfaces, debut in Q1 2014

NVIDIA announced the Tegra 4i processor with LTE integrated on-board in February, and it seems it will be hitting the market soon. Folks over at Anandtech were lucky enough to get their hands on an unbranded Android phone, running on the Tegra 4i processor, at NVIDIA’s headquarter. Well, it’s not actually unbranded, it comes with a “Brand” branding. Anyway, it features ta 4.8-inch 720p display and a 13-megapixel shooter, which is common smartphones nowadays.

Brandphone-8841_678x452What is interesting here is NVIDIA told Anandtech that this mysterious device will hit the market in Q1 2014 and will cost around $300-$400 unlocked. Also there are more Tegra 4i devices in the pipeline that will cost below $200 without any contract, so we can assume that we might see Tegra 4i powered smartphones early next year.

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Source: Anandtech