Samsung Galaxy S5 rumors begin with word of aluminum body

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. Here we are, just a few weeks removed from the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 – so you know what that means. It’s time to talk successor, right? Well, that’s apparently what’s going on already.

    According to AndroidGeeks, Samsung is face down in development of the next generation of Android smartphones. That’s not news, of course, as we expect that to be the case. What is interesting, however, is that their sources claim the Galaxy S5 will employ Samsung’s ‘Design 3.0’ strategies and feature an aluminum body.

    Should the rumor prove true, it could help to sway some of those users who complain of the plastic feel of the current models. On the other hand, we’re looking at a potential battery trade-off. All of those great designs you see from Apple, HTC, Sony, and LG… what do they have in common? Yep, non-removable batteries.

    With many months to go before the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S5 we expect we’ll hear plenty of conflicting rumors and reports.