Sony Xperia ZU set to launch with new UI and Android 4.2.2

New information is showing that the Sony Xperia ZU (U standing for Ultra) is set to be announced on June 25th, and it’s said to come with a completely refreshed UI and Android 4.2.2.

Sony has, in the past, shown us some really beautiful UI concepts, but they’ve become sadly outdated. However, sources close to Sony are now saying that, with the Android version coming on the ZU (don’t say phablet, don’t say phablet…), there will also come a refresh to the user interface. It’s said to include new features like a new lock scree, SocialLife, STAMINA mode, and some new small Apps.

via vr-zone

  • Shubham Mathur

    Very nyc info you have provided!!! for more info about Xperia m & Xperia m dual about Release date, price in different countries,& more @

  • Spirit Inside

    (don’t say phablet, don’t say phablet…)

    Tabone? 😀

    Glad to see some other big name manufacturers other than Samsung in the small TABLET market.

  • TareX

    It’s generally a really bad sign when a big phone with a thin body comes with leaked news of a Stamina mode… I’m guessing horrid battery life. God I hope this isn’t true… I’m either getting this or the HTC One max, unless the latter launches late in the year (which it might, if it’s keen on getting KLP as rumored)

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