Second generation of Nexus 7 coming in July?

Second generation of Nexus 7 coming in July?

The Nexus 7, having been around for more than year now, is still what we consider among  the more affordable and robust tablet experiences. Of course it is a brilliant tablet but the market is really competitive so it’s time for an update.

We heard back in January that a new version is in the pipeline, and even learned a bit more last month as well. Now it seems the next-gen Nexus 7 is around the corner as DigiTimes, sometimes a reliable news source, is reporting that new Nexus 7 will land in market sometime in July. With 16GB of storage, the tablet could be priced at US$229.

As first-tier brand vendors have been trying to expand their sales through price cuts, Google is not looking to follow suit, but will instead focus on defending the US$199-249 segment of the 7-inch tablet market and target competitors such as Amazon and Apple, the sources said.

The second generation Nexus 7 will be launched as a mid-range Android tablet, hence the price of $200-250. If the next Nexus 7 comes out with better specifications and the mentioned price tag, would you consider buying it? Tell us about it in the comment box below.

Source: DigiTimes

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  1. Leif Sikorski
    June 13, 17:03 Reply

    I’m already waiting for it. 2GB of RAM, non Tegra and Miracast support and I’ll be very happy and order it on day one.

  2. JeeebeZ
    June 13, 17:18 Reply

    I am buying it. I was going to buy a IPad mini, but the Nexus 7 is much better for watching HD movies on. And really Why buy the current one if I can wait a month or so and buy the new one.

    • AltayKai
      June 16, 01:35 Reply

      Also why buying overrated junk with outdated hardware? It doesn’t take a genius ;-)

  3. Pontiac Emmons
    June 13, 23:16 Reply

    It better have an SD card slot. Rather dumb thing to leave off.

    • AltayKai
      June 16, 01:35 Reply

      Actually a 64GB internal storage is better than SD card.

      • Ezzy
        June 19, 22:10 Reply

        Actually less than 8GB would be quite sufficient for people with unlimited data.

  4. Kyle Cordiano
    June 13, 23:21 Reply

    S4 Pro, 2GB of ram, and a have the Screen quality built a little better.

    • AltayKai
      June 16, 01:36 Reply

      Nooo. The screen quality improved alot!

  5. WoodyHD
    June 13, 23:29 Reply

    $30 more than I was expecting to pay, but I’ll still buy it. Still a better value than almost every tablet out there.

  6. Anthony
    June 14, 03:40 Reply

    The Nexus 7 changed my life. I found this article by searching for a 2nd gen release date because I just can’t wait to buy it. I am not an early adopter by any means but I am going to be all over this!

  7. plazma
    June 14, 05:08 Reply

    I’m certainly buying it, but If they make me wait until September, then I’ll have to think between Nexus and iPad mini 2, and I think that upgraded mini 2, in that case, will win the battle.

  8. Edward Mobley
    June 14, 16:18 Reply

    if it has 2gb of ram and its available with 32gb of space, id gladly trade mine over for it

  9. andrew
    June 15, 21:13 Reply

    All I want is a 7″ tab with a Full HD (or higher) screen, perhaps with IR for a TV remote.

  10. Geor
    June 17, 10:40 Reply

    I will get one for sure~

  11. Susu
    June 19, 05:13 Reply

    they should definitely target the mid range customers since nexus 7 was a huge success mainly because of its economical price for the given high end specifications.

  12. Wheeler
    June 29, 08:47 Reply

    I just want one with an sd card dammit…………..

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