T-Mobile rumored to launch Phase II of UNcarrier strategy on June 23



Word on the street is that T-Mobile will introduce the second phase of its UNcarrier program on June 23. Rumors suggest the carrier will introduce new rate plan options(s) for post-paid subscribers who wish to forgo the credit check. Reportedly, these plans will be very similar to the current offerings save for the fact that phone have to be purchased outright; no EIP (Equipment Installment Plan) lest you agree to a credit check.

Additional details call for an “Apollo 15” plan which should include expansion of MetroPCS into 15 new markets. Going live in the third quarter, these areas are said to include Houston, New Orleans, San Diego, Seattle, Washington DC and Baltimore.



  1. This will be brilliant combined with their BYOD program. Let’s face it: their prepaid prices already are the same as their postpaid ones anyway. In fact, prepaid is really even cheaper due to the taxes and fees being folded into the cost of the plan. This essentially will give consumers a choice between prepaid (paying a little less) and postpaid (avoiding the “stigma” of prepaid in the American market). Same device options. Ahh….choice is good!