Sony’s SmartWatch goes open source


Sony’s SmartWatch, a bluetooth accessory that was released last year to somewhat mixed reviews, has undergone a pretty major change. Sony has made the SmartWatch open source, meaning that developers can now freely develop, build, and release their own firmware and applications for the device.

Considering that most of the complaints about the SmartWatch had to do with the software Sony bundled up with it, this has, however unlikely, the capacity to bring this device into the limelight for hackers, modders, rommers, and developers. They have also tapped into the modding community in a big way by holding a hackathon with the Ardunio community in Malmo, Sweden.

via techcrunch


  1. The biggest problems with the Sony Smartwatch are its puny battery life and its unresponsiveness. I find the software generally fine. It’s a flawed concept on the whole, and if Apple are going to release one they’ve got an uphill battle to convince consumers that it’ll be worth it. No doubt the fanboys will be all over it regardless.