Alleged Moto X specifications leak online


    A set of purported specifications for the Moto X smartphone surfaced online last night, giving us what we presume to be a credible set of hardware details.

    Obtained by – who else – @evleaks, the details suggest more mid-range and not the top-tier stuff that some have hoped for.  Until we hear otherwise, we’ll assume this is what to expect from the Motorola camp in the coming months.

    • Android 4.2.2
    • 1.7GHz dual-core MSM8960 Pro processor
    • 720p HD display
    • 2GB RAM
    • 16GB internal storage
    • 10.0-megapixel rear camera
    • 2.0-megapixel front-facing camera

    Now, keep in mind there is nothing here about the battery, software touches, or choice in hardware finishes. We’ve heard rumors on all three fronts so we still anticipate that Motorola (and Google) are working on some great things. We’re optimistic in that we will also get the all-day battery and smart, super-aware user experience. As for the customer being able to choose the exterior… we’re still split.


    • With due respect to Moto fans…. Specs worse than Nexus 4

      • Dan Totan

        My thoughts exactly, this must be the new RAZR M, can’t be the new RAZR HD/ Moto X/ Xphone…

        • Marsg

          It can , Motorola has always came late to the party in terms of hardware, the RAZR HD line up is only running on a s4, and it took them almost 2 years after everybody else to switch to 720p displays.

          • Dan Totan

            Sure it can, I just don’t believe they want to go that way, the risk to their future success is too great and they have to prove much more that Samsung, HTC, or Apple, or even Nokia… After all the fuss over the new great flagship and “learning from our mistakes” I don’t think this will be the fizz….

    • Brian Knapp


    • swoops

      Y even sell that phone unless it’s $100 retail? If that’s what we get out of Moto X “hero” device I am very disappointed. Ugh

    • Xavier

      These aren’t real. Really think about. Google said the main focus this time around was killer hardware. This shit ain’t killer hardware. The RAZR is irrelevant. You might as well throw that away in your technological reference bin. From here on out Motorola is under Google’s control. They have a new mindset behind their devices.
      Moto X will have specs similar to:
      5″ 1080p display
      2.1 GHz quad-core snapdragon 800
      2 GB of RAM
      3,500 mAh battery
      Android 4.3/5.0 because we don’t know what’s coming yet
      16/32/64GB storage capacities maybe micro SD support (highly doubt it and don’t want it tbh).

      THESE are specs from a phone from the second half of this year. The only reason the processor is a 800 and not a 600 is because the 800 should be out right now. Plus Samsung is already planning on re-releasing the S4 with the 800 later this year. So if you wanna go by a good accurate spec list thats it.

      • icyrock1

        Upvote for having the same first name has me. /offtopic

        Xaviers unite!

    • Ray Murphy

      ..i was SOOO close to waiting for this..glad i got my HTCOne instead 🙂

      • Chris Monteiro

        Haha same thing for me 😀 HTC One ftw

    • Bobby Wright

      Apple has done more with less. If Google can optimize the crap out of android with these ((reported)) specs then we wont need an 8 core cpu with 4GB of RAM.
      And Google knows this.

    • almahix

      Hugely disappointing if true. Last year’s specs.

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    • titanium_man

      sounds like the nexus 4

    • Tim Glaser

      I think that a device with these specs will indeed come out, but this can’t be their ‘hero device’ which was claimed to be in Dennis Woodside’s pocket at that last conference.

      If it is then Motorola/Google is in for a bad time.

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