Brands we love: Cygnett

Brands we love: Cygnett

In the market for a new smartphone or tablet accessory for your beloved Android? Fortunately for you, there are a number of companies who provide a portfolio of wonderful products to choose from. One such company that we’d like to draw attention to is Cygnett.

We recently received a handful of cases for the Samsung Galaxy S4, all of which offered different features and finishes. Suffice it to say, there’s something here for everyone. Looking for a classy, shiny finish to draw attention – consider the Urban Shield. Want to downplay things a bit and add some functionality? You might like the Cache Charcoal as it features a screen cover and a slot for credit cards.

Most of the cases we received hover right around the $29.99 price range; all have different selling features and standout benefits. Some are a little more rugged and thick while others are slim and add next to no weight or thickness. Whatever the needs for your Samsung Galaxy S4, Cygnett has something for you.

Don’t own a Samsung Galaxy S4? No worries, Cygnett has a ton of accessories for other Samsung phones, including the Galaxy S3. What’re more, you’ll also find iOS products as well as chargers, stands, and more.

What brand(s) do you prefer for your Android accessory needs? Leave a comment below!

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  1. noxqcs
    June 18, 01:52 Reply

    Downside to cygnett urbanshield… nfc does not function through aluminum case material….

    • Cygnett
      June 23, 21:33 Reply

      hey noxqcs, Nick here form Cygnett
      Thanks for the feedback on the nfc. When cases are manufactured using metal for a source of protection and/or aesthetics it can affect nfc functionality. We are also happy to inform you that If you have purchased a Cygnett product and have maintained the proof of purchase you can exchange your goods at the point of purchase.
      Thanks again for the feedback :)

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