Amazon announces Amazon Birthday Gift for your Facebook friends

Amazon announced on Tuesday that it has a new way of offering gifts to your Facebook friends. Dubbed Amazon Birthday Gift, it connects to your Facebook account and lets users send a virtual gift card to your friends. Not only that, but other mutual friends can chip in with their own denominations, adding up to one potentially giant birthday gift card! In other words, everyone tosses in money and you get one card full of win.

We’re just spitballing here but we can think of tons of things we might consider purchasing with gift cards. Heck, just this morning we noticed the Droid DNA is only a penny with a two-year service agreement.  We’d use the rest for accessories and games!

For a limited time, visitors may be eligible for a $3 credit so be sure to log in and have a look around!

Yeah, we know this isn’t entirely Android-related news, but we felt like sharing nonetheless!