Possible LG phone with always on voice commands rumored for 2014

Possible LG phone with always on voice commands rumored for 2014

lg_logo_720wGotta Be Mobile recently revealed information that LG will be launching a new Android smartphone with always-on voice commands in 2014. Unlike voice commands such as Apple’s Siri or the Google Now search, LG looks to implement voice command more specifically for navigation functionality. This feature comes at a time when hands-free automobile laws are quickly gaining momentum, and using voice command would allow users to safely operate their smartphones without requiring them to touch the screen un-necessarily. For example, users could speak a command to tell Google Maps to pan around and switch views, or even tell Google Maps to zoom in or out. This is different from existing voice solutions, which are based mainly for searching, launching apps, and dictating.

Rumors of LG’s voice command syncs closely with what has been said about the upcoming Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor (which we are told will have always-on voice capabilities) and should be available later this year. Presumably, even though we have no idea when LG’s mystery device will be available, we would believe that this would be the power behind their next smartphone.

All of this information comes less than a month after Motorola confirmed that their rumored situation-aware Moto X smartphone is real. The Moto X is said to have the ability to know when your vehicle is on, off or in motion, as well as have the ability to prepare your phones camera when you are getting ready to take a picture. The future of smartphones seems to be gaining so many smart capabilities so quickly it makes us wonder, what will happen to the devices battery life? Are Motorola and LG prepared for the burden on batteries that all of this technology may bring? As a user, would you be willing to trade off battery usage for features? Let us know in the comments below!





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  1. Brian P.
    June 19, 12:07 Reply

    I guess I’m like most people and would rather not trade off on either. If the Snapdragon 800 quick charge feature is implemented and it actually works well, I wouldn’t mind more battery drain with added features. Another point, I always use a car charger when using my device for navigation, Google Music, or in any car dock situations so battery drain is’t an issue here. So yeah, bring on the features!

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