Can RDJ save HTC?

Can RDJ save HTC?

According to Bloomberg HTC has recently locked Robert Downey Jr. in for a $12 million, two-year advertising campaign as himself. A brilliant move, it looks as though people around the world will soon be associating super-genius Tony Stark with HTC’s smart-phones. Who wouldn’t want an unofficially “Iron Man approved” smart-phone?

Hopefully RDJ can help HTC pull off the same 180 as he since leaving behind his past to be a Disney hero.

It sounds like HTC finally realized that “Quietly brilliant” isn’t the way to make money, as evidenced in their quote “We’re not going to hide our brand anymore, we’re going to be bolder with marketing.” It’s said that Robert Downey Jr, in addition to being the featured celeb of the new ads, will have the final say in their direction. Although I’m not a huge HTC fan, I am extremely excited to see what shape this new campaign will take.

Any Robert Downey Jr fans out there excited to see this? Any HTC fans looking forward to it? If not, why not?

Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. williejackbrainer
    June 24, 11:13 Reply

    This should be very interesting! I’m going to hold off until the holidays and see what HTC has to offer.

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