Google rumored to be preparing a new service to help you get organized

According to an unofficial Google blog, Google is preparing a new service called Google Mine. It looks to be integrated with Google+ and offers a way to keep track of the items you own (or you’d like to own) and share them with your circles. According to rumors you will be able to:

  • Catalog your belongings and track what you have
  • Review your belongings for your friends to see
  • Control who sees what and track conversations
  • Send requests to borrow or try out friends’ stuff
  • Share stuff you wish for, get recommendations
  • Share stuff you are giving away, find takers
  • Follow, browse, and search items that friends share

Another neat feature we are hearing about in Google Mine will be the ability to enter specific information about your objects. For example, you can change the status of an object to “lent”, “given away”, “got it back”, “lost it”, or “had in the past”. You will even be able to post videos about the object, write reviews, and add it to a wishlist. You can also review popular items and see items others have shared.

google mine

Right now, Mine is being tested internally at Google and no release date has been announced. As always, we will make sure to update you as soon as we hear more.