Kool-Aid Man PhotoBomb App is here, Oh Yeah!

Photobombs seem to be all the rage lately. If you’ve been bored with the typical friend bomb, animal sit-in, or mystery stranger yet don’t want to give up on the silly pics, you may be interested in this new option.

Kool-Aid, the sugary beverage you know and love from your past has launched its first-ever Kool-Aid Man PhotoBomb App! This free app, available for Android and iOS users, allows fans to superimpose Kool-Aid Man into their favorite personal photos. PhotoBomb app users can move, scale and manipulate images to fit Kool-Aid Man into any photo opportunity. All photos will then be share-able on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We're giving stuff away to help celebrate our tenth anniversary. Are you in?

OH YEAH, you know you’re interested! So far reviews don’t look so great, but if your looking for a giggle or two you can check out the Kool-Aid Man Photobomb App now on Google Play.

  • Thriller87

    App needs work crashes a lot and hard to use pictures already in your gallery.