Big Android BBQ ’13 tickets on sale now!


Listen up Android fans and developers, tickets to the annual Big Android BBQ are on sale now! If you’ve been to the show in the previous three years then you pretty much know what to expect: awesome fun centered around our favorite mobile platform.

October 10-12, 2013

As was the case with last year’s event, the Big Android BBQ takes place at the Hurst Conference Center in Hurst, TX . Unlike last year, however, we’ll have Ray Walters in the BBQ pit running things once again. Indeed, this was one of the core pieces of the three-day show that you guys missed in the 2012 BBQ.


If you’ve never been to a Big Android BBQ then here’s what you might look to see:

  • Pool party and hangout with other early arrivers
  • Speaking sessions and workshops with developers and sponsors
    • Application Development: 101 – Android for beginners, a track of courses designed to turn an enthusiast into a new developer
    • Best Practices for Experienced Developers – A track of courses with sessions for experienced developers
    • Hack ‘n’ Mod – Sessions involving hardware and software hacking and modification
    • Android: Beyond the Phone – Sessions including watches, game systems, automotive, smart home, and other uses of android beyond the smartphone and tablet.
  • Keynote address
  • Tons of great food
  • Fellowship with Android enthusiasts
  • Face time with representatives from companies and organizations such as Samsung, CyanogenMod,  XDA developers, and even us (AndroidGuys).
  • Opportunities to network with experts and others in space
  • Lots more!

Is this more of a developer conference? Maybe. Will the average person have a lot of fun nonetheless? Of course. It’s a really low-key, relaxed time with a bunch of people you likely know through the internet.  Only difference here, however, is that it’s gathered around great food and actual conversations!


Tickets start at $55 for the three-day show so book now, they will go fast! In fact, 94% of those polled from last year’s BBQ indicate a desire to return to this year’s show.

While you’re at it, be sure to download the official Android app which features a handy widget that counts down the days until the Big Android BBQ kicks off!

We look forward to running into you guys and gals down in Texas during the weekend of October 10-12!

Big Android BBQ