Flash Android 4.3 on the Samsung Galaxy S4 [GT-I9505]


So now that you know there’s a working version of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean out there, the next thing you want to know is how to flash it on your Samsung Galaxy S4. Great news! You can, and it’s not all that difficult. The not great news? It’s only working on the standard GT-I9505 (with Snapdragon CPU) and Google Edition Samsung Galaxy S4. In fact, this is actually ported from the latter device.


The guys over at SamMobile have detailed the process which is rather simple, especially for those who are familiar with flashing ROMs on devices. Keep in mind, however, that doing things like this will void your warranty and that you may run into issues. If you’re not keen on messing with that brand new Samsung Galaxy S4 then just leave it alone for now.

Again, this is not the U.S. models we’re talking about here; only the I9505 model works so far.

System details:
Android version: 4.3
Build ID: JWR66N
Build Date: 26 June 2013
Changelist: 968842

Neither Google nor Samsung has yet to say anything official about Android 4.3 so it’s still considered an unannounced build. With that in mind, it won’t be long before it begins rolling out to Nexus models and other Google Edition phones. That is… hopefully.

To get the complete walkthrough, head to SamMobile!


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  • Maximus decimus meridius

    4.3 seems like a very small incremental step up from 4.2.2.
    Until Google officially states what 4.3 brings to the table, I will probably
    hold off on installing this or any other custom ROM. I will enjoy my stock GS4
    for a while longer, at least until I cannot stand it any longer, and my
    curiosity gets the better of me. I hope Android 5.0 comes before that point,
    but it seems like it may be next year before that happens. Has the Android OS
    peaked? It seemed like back a few years ago every new small iteration of
    Android was a big deal, now it is just like “meh, here’s 4.3”. IMHO 4.1
    was the best OS I had ever used, very smooth and responsive, such a huge leap
    forward from 4.0.

    Install Android 4.3

  • ipsmart.blogspot.com

    If you have your hands on the Google Edition S4 or S4 for the U.S. carriers use Snapdragon chip, now you can download the ROM here JWR66N. ROM installed flash via recovery by time up as the other ROM.
    Android 4.3 ROM for Samsung Galaxy S4

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