Huawei hopes for Google Edition of Ascend P6 smartphone


Huawei hopes to join Samsung and HTC at the big boys table with a Google Edition of their own, reports Pocket-lint. The model in question is the super-slim Ascend P6 announced barely one week ago. According to Huawei, discussions have started with Google as the company hopes to bring about a stock Android version of the world’s thinnest smartphone.


Oddly enough, Huawei recently said the complete opposite was going on and that they were happier with their Emotion UI. As they (chairman Richard Yu) claimed at the unveiling of the Ascend P6, Huawei wouldn’t be interested in a Google Edition model.

We figure we’ll learn more once the two sides of Huawei can agree on the same message.


  • williejackbrainer

    Could be difference maker if the pricing point is lower than Samsung and HTC

  • This will problems for Sammy, HTC, and LG if it happens.