Press render leaks for Verizon’s HTC One


    It’s not as it we’d expect it to look any different from the other carriers, but the seemingly official render of Verizon’s HTC One has surfaced. Appearing as it would for any other wireless provider, the only difference here is the Verizon indicator for 4G LTE and a modified home screen.

    What does this mean? More than likely this is an indicator that things are moving along and that the device will be ready for launch in no time at all. Don’t read too much into that September 5 date; it’s not an accurate way of guessing arrival dates.  Then again, it would technically fall under the whole “later this summer“.

    With that in mind we have to ask, are you still waiting for the HTC One to come to Verizon or have you opted for another carrier? Perhaps you decided for a different smartphone altogether? Let us know in the comments below!


    • htowngtr

      Would only buy if HTC offered a developer edition for it.

    • Jack Hoffman

      Where’s the disgustingly large VERIZON badge? Must be on the back?

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    • terrielu

      i think I will just wait for the HTC Butterfly S to come out. It will have a huge battery and a micro card slot. That’s assuming it will come to Verizon. If not, then maybe the HTC One Max will have to do.

    • Scott M

      I’m waiting for the Verizon unlocked version to appear on the google play store.