Droid Ultra listing found on Motorola website


Well this is a little odd… A page dedicated to a Motorola Droid Ultra has been spotted on Motorola‘s website; however, it appears as only a temporary placeholder for now.



Available in a bunch of glossy colors, this high-grade DuPont™ Kevlar body proves you can be even thinner and still be tough as steel.

A listing for the device, void of any photos (naturally) shows the yet-announced handset as having identical hardware specifications as the Droid Razr M. The most likely scenario is that Motorola is not ready to share all of the details and the page should not have gone live yet. With that said, we’re certainly interested in the “bunch of glossy colors”.

Motorola is expected to be in a period of radio silence where they should return with a vengeance on August 1. Considering the timing lines up with earlier Motorola reports we might see the company reemerge with a new brand and product or two.

Via: Droid Life

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