First Motorola ad for Moto X surfaces

First Motorola ad for Moto X surfaces

The first ad for Motorola’s forthcoming Moto X handset has leaked online and it appears to be heavy on two themes: “designed by you” and “Made in America”. The ad, spotted by Ad Age tells us that while we’re going to be spending the 4th of July celebrating the fact that we can do what we want and be who we wanna be, Motorola is working to deliver that same principle to smartphones.


“What we are doing which is very different is assembling here in the U.S. in our assembly plant in Ft. Worth, Texas… What better time than July 4th to come with a message like that? Smartphones are very different than other tech products a consumer owns…They’re closer to shoes or a watch. You carry it with you everywhere you go. Everyone sees what phone you’re carrying and they judge you on it. Yet, it’s the one thing you carry that’s the least customizable.” – Motorola’s VP-global brand and product marketing Brian Wallace said in an interview. “

We’re getting closer and closer to the launch of a reborn Motorola and anxiously await a post-Google acquisition message and brand.

Look for this full-page ad to run in newspapers around the country on July 3, 2013, including the The New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post.

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  1. Mickey Mossey
    July 02, 16:32 Reply

    What are the chanced you think of this being a Google Experience phone and having stock Android on it? Verizon needs to release another one, or they’re going to lose me as a customer when my contract is up.

    • bananatroll
      July 02, 17:31 Reply

      Moto X phones all run AOSP. Camera, messanging app, browser, etc, are all google stock applications from AOSP. There are a few motorola apps including a renamed smart actions, but really 99% STOCK!

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