HTC says “no further updates” for HTC One S


Sad news for those of you who own an HTC One S. HTC doesn’t plan to issue any more software updates to your smartphone. A statement from the handset maker says that the phone will be stuck with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

“We can confirm that the HTC One S will not receive further Android OS updates and will remain on the current version of Android and HTC Sense.  We realize this news will be met with disappointment by some, but our customers should feel confident that we have designed the HTC One S to be optimized with our amazing camera and audio experiences.” – HTC

It’s not exactly the worst news in the world; Jelly Bean is better than having Ice Cream Sandwich…or Gingerbread. You know, you could always root and ROM your way to new features, too.

  • casperi

    Hold up, isn’t this phone a year or less old only? The more I want an HTC one the more news that comes out that drives me away. What’s wrong HTC? Don’t have time to support your phones? Sell them leave them and forget them I guess. Oh wait we just released a new phone and its the best ever!
    Year later HTC says what phone?,,, never heard of it. Thanks for losing even more trust had in you.

    • The HTC One S was released for sale in the US on April 25, 2012.

      Personally that’s sad, the Smartphone is just over a year old, and they can’t even keep it current for a two years or a two year contract. Hell the Samsung Galaxy SII just got upgraded to Jelly Bean 4.1.2 and that was released back in May 2011.

      • Ezzy77

        And internationally in Feb 2012, sales date varies naturally. Still under 18 months which is who long they’ve usually kept updating devices, mostly.

        • Ezzy77

          Although, I’ve had less bugs on my One than in any of my Samsung’s, so there’s that. Nor do I enjoy Samsung’s update scheme of beta testing on customers by launching unfinished updates via Kies a bit earlier than OTA, and sometimes even they have horrid bugs, mostly battery related. Especially on Note devices apparently.

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  • VegasGuy67

    I have an Evo 4G LTE my next phone was going to be another HTC because I love their phones, but if they are going to continue to pull this crap I guess I get whatever Nexus phone is out at the time. Or maybe a Samsung, though I’m not a fan of their phones at least they are better at updating. yes my phone is likely to get 4.2 and Sense 5 because it’s a One X variant but still, this kind of thing causes my faith in HTC to dwindle.

    • casperi

      I think the people left that buy HTC are people on vzw cause they don’t have much of a choice and those hard-core fans. If your bottom line is tied to that small of a niche market then you need to really up the game. It’s no wonder people are leaving a sinking ship. HTC really needs to re-address this cause it can only be bad for image which is bad for business.
      Funny on another note, when I went looking for this article it shows zero people responded. Last I counted their was 3 of us. Guess we’re not important either.

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