Verge: Moto X not to land on Verizon as a Droid

Yesterday, we saw the first ever ad of the Moto X, a flagship smartphone that will land in the market sooner or later. Recently, names of the upcoming Droid devices were leaked i.e. Droid Ultra and Droid RAZR M. It was assumed that probably one of these smartphones is the Moto X, but it seems the upcoming Google-Motorola flagship is not going to fall under the famous Verizon brand, ‘DROID’. The Verge is reporting that multiple sources told them that Moto X will not be a Droid device on Verizon.

Although, that doesn’t mean its the end of the Droids. The devices we heard about, like the Ultra and RAZR M, they are rumored to land at Verizon; the Ultra is reported to be thin and will be available in several glossy colors, just like the Moto X. In a way, it can be said that Ultra might be the “DROID” version of the Moto X.

Anyway, lets just wait for official words from Motorola and Verizon. However, one things can be said that Motorola will be launching some really good smartphones in coming months, so stay tuned. Are you looking forward to the upcoming devices from Motorola? Tell us about it in the comment box below.

Source: The Verge


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  • almahix

    I had the original Droid which I loved, then the Bionic that I loathed. Then I got a Galaxy Nexus and I love it. There hasn’t been a single phone from any manufacturer since that has turned my head, Moto has big shoes to fill and I don’t know if they are up to the task. Whatever they call the phone, it has to blow everything else out of the water to be worth a serious look and it absolutely and positively must be unlocked because I don’t want to run verizon’s dumbed down Android that they will never update.