A new set of Moto X pictures leaked

Moto X will be launched as a flagship device from Motorola, and it is a device with a unique concept in mind;  letting the user design the phone with back cover available in different colors and engraving. We saw the new colorful Motorola logo, so are the covers for the Moto X. But lets talk about what is new in the world of Moto X. Pictures of Moto X’s chassis, glass face, outer casing, and a Kevlar shell were released by Nowhereelse.fr.

bgr-moto-x-leak-case-1All these pictures (check the source) were leaked on Weibo and republished by the French blog. Also, the custom-version of Moto X with custom back covers and engraving will be available through Motorola’s online store and will be shipped directly to the customer. Also, a non-customized version will be available in the market as well.

So, let’s just wait and see when this long-awaited smartphone will finally hit the market. I really love the way Motorola/Google is going for a ‘unique’ perspective, and if it comes with a balanced price tag, there’s a possibility this smartphone might be able to bring Motorola back in the smartphone game.

Are you looking forward to the Moto X? Do you think it will be the next big thing? Tell us about it in the comment box below.

Source: Weibo via NWE, SlashGear


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  • Frettfreak

    I am reserving judgements til I see the actual specs. But if it’s as mid range as its been leaked to be, this ain’t gonna bring them back from shit. The customized versions that they seem to be making the cornerstone of their marketing is only gonna apply to those that want to plunk down the full price to moto… Cause everyone likes to pay that! It will be a niche product. Meanwhile the dumb asses decide “let’s release what we should have made the moto X (the new maxx) and only give it to Verizon. #fn-idiots

  • Justin Foster

    Yea, it’s hard to tell what’s their point in this if the only customization options are the case and wallpaper (lol). That’s not a “phone designed by you,” it’s a phone with color and wallpaper options.

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