Samsung to launch four variants of the Galaxy Note III?

It is that time of the week when we see a juicy rumor about the Samsung Galaxy Note III. We have been hearing a lot that Samsung is preparing the successor to the Note II. Although, the new rumor is that Samsung is preparing four models of the Galaxy Note III, all targeting different price levels and going from high-end to low-end variants, reported Korean site ETNews.

Each smartphone will have different specifications, however the names are unknown right now. It is said that the high-end model will be a limited edition smartphone, featuring specs like a 13MP camera and unbreakable AMOLED display, and may be a 3GB RAM.

Featured galaxy noteOther models will feature a plastic body. Second version will feature a 13MP camera with a regular AMOLED display, third version will feature a 13MP camera and a LCD display, and the low-end version will feature an 8MP camera with LCD display.

It is just a rumor, so lets take all of this with a grain of salt. But even if its real, I don’t think so there’s any point to launch four models. Just one Galaxy Note III with high-tier specs would be enough, and if someone wants to get their hands on something mid-tier, they can get the Galaxy Note II, as it will be available for a low price by that time. Hopefully, we will see the announcement at IFA 2013 in September, so stay tuned.

Anyway, what do you think about it? Should Samsung launch just one high-end Note III with jaw-dropping specs or there should be four models like mentioned above? Tell us about it in the comment box below.

Source: ETNews

  • Brian P.

    You said it best…those wanting a mid tier Note can go with the Note 2. Me, I want the entire Pony Show!

    • Asad Rafi

      Thank you. Well, a lot of people want the whole show, even I want to see it, but I am talking about it in a whole economic perspective, it seems like a fail in that case

  • cybersedan

    There’s no need to dilute the Note line, stick to high end, the Note isn’t a budget phone.

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  • Techinplain English

    No GB eating gimmicks please



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  • vl1500mb

    The Galaxy Mega series and the Note 2 will be available for midrange needs. For that matter, you could include the S3 & S4 for people that don’t need/want a stylus or want something quite as big. As the owner of a Note 2 I can’t wait for the Note 3 and I think the Note series should always be the best Samsung has to offer as lesser devices in the line would dilute the brand. I would love to see an Active version as long as it kept the same specs as the standard version.