Galaxy Note III shows up at Samsung’s website, real or not?

A few days ago, a rumor came out that Samsung is planning to launch four variants of the Samsung Galaxy Note III. We took the rumor with a grain of salt and decided to move on, but now something appeared at Samsung’s website which is making us scratch our heads again.

Samsung-Galaxy-Note-III-SM-900A-UaprofTwo devices with model number SM-N900A and SM-N900T can be found in the UAProfiles over at Samsung’s official website. Last month, model number of the Galaxy Note III was leaked which is SM-N9000, so this pretty much tells us that the models mentioned above are related to the Note III.

As showed in the image above, Note III will feature a Full HD(1920×1080) display. What we can assume from this is that not four, but maybe just two versions of Note III are coming ‘or’ there’s also a possibility that both model numbers are used for the same phone. As I always say, lets wait for the company to let the cat out of the bag.

What do you think about it? There will be different variants of Note III? Tell us about it in the comment box below

  • Richard Yarrell

    Let’s wait till September 4th. Either way the Galaxy Note 3 will be here soon enough. You have to figure the standard Sprint, At&t, T-Mobile, Verizon, Us Cellular all will have the handset day one. Plus in the market Samsung resides so we could be looking at 4 to 6 different models of the Note 3 for the first time. Bank on the Galaxy Note 3 being the best thing since sliced bread….

  • disqus_HM7pS2plHJ

    I think the only variant will be country to country in hardware form like previous releases unless the n2 put up big numbers like the sgs3 & 4. I know it is doing far better than the n1 due to it’s release on multiple carriers but with the Mega and s4 hovering in it’s territory I have a hard time seeing this happen. Hopefully I’m wrong though. It’s too bad America’s demand outweighs Samsungs ability to supply us with the higher end hardware