Droid Ultra tipped to arrive on August 8


A second leaked commercial treatment for an upcoming Droid smartphone has surfaced today, this time centered around the Droid Ultra. According to the storyboard and ad description, the handset will arrive on August 8. Presumably, the Droid Mini and Droid Maxx show up at the same time.

Details described in the commercial tell us that the phone will have Gorilla Glass and Kevlar coating, neither of which are a surprise. We’re curious about the whole “Hello, Moto” aspect; is this the always-listening mode or are we not shown a button tap.  You know, the whole “sequence shortened” stuff that is listed in tiny print.

Whatever the case, we’re less than a month away from the debut of at least one new Droid. Here’s hoping the commercial airs soon and we can pick through the clues. We’ll take a bunch of new leaks, too.

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