Motorola rumored to be making a cheaper Nexus 4-like phone

According to the Spanish tech site ADSLZoneMotorola is making a less expensive phone in the spirit of the Nexus 4. Rumors concerning the American manufacturer’s plans say that the upcoming device will play host to high-end hardware like a quad-core processor, without the high-end price.

Despite a few unconfirmed specs, Motorola is looking to keep the phone priced very cheap. Since Google’s acquisition of Motorola, their thought was to produce quality phones within a price range people could afford. Other than the whispers of the possibility of a quad-core processor, reports are also suggesting that this device could come as an alternative to the Moto X phone, which is expected to be officially revealed in the near future.

Tell us, do you think Motorola is heading in the right direction with their phones, or do you prefer the likes of HTC and Samsung? Let us know in the comments below!





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