Leaked document tips Sprint Unlimited, My Way, and My All-In plans

A freshly leaked document tells us that Sprint is soon set to introduce new rate plan options for subscribers. Dubbed Unlimited, My Way, and My All-In, the plans encompass different talk, text, and data packages.

For an individual line, customers can pick an unlimited talk and text plan for $50 per month. The more lines added to a plan, the lower each additional one costs. A second line is $40 more per month however a third is $30 per month.


Unlimited data should be available for $30 per month for each smartphone; users can opt for 1GB of data per month for $20. A so-called All-In plan includes unlimited talk, text, and data, plus a 5GB mobile hotspot for $110 per month. Also of particular note, customers are guaranteed to be grandfathered into unlimited plans for life.

Reportedly, Sprint will introduce the new rate plans as soon as Friday, July 12.

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  • Nelson

    The comparisons to Tmobile’s UnCarrier plans are obvious. There, an individual line that includes unlimited talk and text is the same 50 dollars. But Tmo’s unlimited data option is $20 versus Sprint’s $30. And if you don’t need unlimited then you can go with a $10 2.5G option with Tmo whereas the only option with Sprint is $20 for a single gig.

    The family plan options are a similar story. According to this, at Sprint the first line is $50, the second is $40, and the third and each subsequent line is $30. Tmobile wants $50 for the first, $30 for the second, and the third is only $10 dollars, as is each line subsequent to the third up to 5 total lines. That makes a 4 line family plan $150 with Sprint when the same 4 lines will cost you $100 at Tmo.

    Moreover, the All-In plan including unlimited talk and text plus data and 5 gigs of mobile hotspot data for $110 doesn’t compare well to to the $90 Tmo plan that would include unlimited talk, text, and web plus 4.5 gigs of mobile hotspot data.

    I recognize that I probably sound like a commercial at this point. But since this seems an obvious move by Sprint to respond to Tmo’s recent plan and pricing changes I consider it important to highlight the apparent failures in that response.

  • lugose

    So unless you need unlimited minutes, this isn’t really a better deal than their current family plan with 1500 minutes… I have 4 lines and it comes to 210+tax, and the way I figure it, this would cost $260 (unlimited data like I have now…)

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