Win 1-year of Slacker Premium [GIVEAWAY]


Yo!  We’ve got a one-year Slacker Premium account that we’re just dying to give away!  You want it?  Sweet!

UPDATE: Winners have been selected and notified in the comments below. Thanks to all who contributed, there were some really great selections. Lots that we know and love but plenty of new stuff added to the playlists!

GRAND PRIZE WINNER (1-year Premium account)

  • Nick

RUNNER-UP PRIZES (1-month Premium account):

  • Mike Parker
  • nosmohtac
  • icyrock1

What’s the best song for a road trip?

All ya gotta do is tell us which musician, band, or artist you would listen to first if you won.  You’re answer could be anything across any genre – we don’t care.  Frankly, we’re looking for something new to listen to around the office.  What’s more, we’ve got a road trip coming up and we need some new “choons” to check out.

Slacker’s Premium accounts run $9.99 a month an include a host of features and options that are definitely worth the price.  We’ve enjoyed their services over the last few years and appreciate the ever-growing list of music and news options.

Slacker Premium features include:

  • As many skips as you want across all stations, on web or mobile.
  • Cache your favorite stations on your mobile phone’s memory card.
  • Ad-free listening on the web, on your mobile phone and anywhere else you sign in to listen to Slacker Radio.
  • ABC News station features up-to-date reports including, world news, entertainment, sports, business and more.
  • Fully-personalize ESPN stations to prioritize updates from favorite teams and sports.
  • Full lyrics so you can read the words and sing along .
  • On-demand access to the Slacker music library. Subscribers can listen to specific songs, full albums, single artist radio stations, and more

Win a one year Slacker Premium subscription… or a handful of monthly accounts!

You didn’t think there would only be one winner here, did you? Nosiree, we’ve got a handful of one-months subscriptions to check out as well.

Hit the comments below and tell us which artist or song you’d listen to first if you won.  We’ll run this contest for around three days and will choose our winners on Monday, July 15.  We’ll email the winners and get you a license!


  1. Something by Yes or Electric Light Orchestra. Sure it’s classic rock, but so many of their songs just seem to be “cooler” when I’m driving for some reason.

  2. Most anything by Bob Dylan or Neil Young will get my drive on. Unless I’m in one of those moods then its Ozric Tentacles all the way! (Don’t ask what mood that is)

  3. LOL – I just re-installed Slacker on my phone and looking at them again vs. Pandora. What better way to listen to Tiesto on the Electronic Hits station and with premium service!

  4. “Girl from North County” by the Lions…Originally a Bob Dylan song this was redone a few years back.
    Especially good if you’re taking a motorcycle..Fire up your bike, crank this up, and Ride On…..

  5. Arctic Monkeys – Fluorescent Adolescent

    There is something about it that once I listen to this song on a long drive it sticks with me the whole trip

  6. Award Tour – Tribe Called Quest. “Award” which your giving away to lucky people (like me) and “Tour” sounds fancier than “trip” doesnt it…(Road Tour)?

  7. Am I really that old?

    Album: AC/DC – Highway to Hell
    Song: BOC – Don’t Fear the Reaper

    (And I’ll pass on the Slacker account if, by some strange turn of fate, I should “win”.)