Moto X detailed in leaked carrier video

The Moto X will have an always-on active listening experience, according to a leaked video for Canadian wireless carrier Rogers. What’s more, the phone will know your intentions when you turn it on to take a photo. Indeed, both features have been rumored for some time now so it’s nice to see them in action.

The video, which appears to be aimed at giving customers a brief overview of features, also shows a new approach to Google Now and notifications.

We like the idea of our phones listening for us to ask it commands such as weather, calendar, navigation, and other Google Now commands. We’re also fond of the manner in which alerts are broadcast or how notifications appears.

It’s unclear if these are specific to the Moto X experience or if they are part of a newer version of Android. With but a few weeks to go before the rumored launch we should find out in short order.

Suffice it to say, this video was not meant for public consumption just yet and had since been marked private. Thankfully, others have already ripped and republished the video. ¬†Here it is…for now, at least.

Respect knuckles to Droid Life for the backup copy

  • greyhulk

    That whole shaking the wrist thing is awkward. Also, notification light is still better because it blinks constantly until you check the notification. The Moto X notification system only works well if you’re going to stare at your phone screen nonstop. Otherwise, chances are, you won’t be looking at the screen when it tries to notify you.

    Does anyone actually think these things through?