A comparison between T-Mobile Jump and AT&T Next

Just a few days ago, T-Mobile came up with a new plan known as the T-Mobile JUMP, which also means Just Upgrade My Phone! It allows the user to upgrade their phones when they want, twice a year. Then after few days, AT&T announced the AT&T Next program, a plan designed to go head-to-head with JUMP. “With AT&T Next, customers can get the newest smartphone or tablet every year with no down payment.”, and AT&T said that’s hard to beat. So which one is actually the best and cheapest?

Folks over at Consumer-Reports made a report on how much it will cost to own an iPhone 5 on either JUMP or Next. Instead I explain the whole difference, have a look on the comparison chart below which will give you an idea. Have a look:


So which one is the best and suitable for you? Answer it in the poll below and then tell us why in the comment box below.

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Source: CR.ORG

  • Apistia

    Your cost considerations with regards to service should have noted that the Jump program includes insurance on the phone whereas AT&T’s alternative does not. This is something that a lot of people choose to add to their plan. With Tmobile it’s included. With AT&T it’s an additional cost.

  • T-Mobile is the clear choice here, hands downs.

  • paxmos

    Freak you AT&T…lol

  • Leasa Beachley

    Have you all missed the point that you will pay $650 for the phone on both plans? That’s the full retail price, you can purchase any phone at any time for full retail. How is this saving money? I’ll keep mine for the 2 years and get the discounted price.

    • Bob

      You may not understand how JUMP works. You don’t automatically pay 650$ when you buy the phone. You pay 21$ a month toward the balance on the phone, but when you upgrade you turn that phone in and restart the payments on your phone. After 2 years of making payments on a single phone you own that phone. The service cost is the real game changer here.

      • Leasa Beachley

        I understand perfectly. You are still paying $650 in that period. I paid $150 for my galaxy s4 and wont pay for another phone for 2 years. How do you figure this saves you money. You are paying for the opportunity to upgrade. Not worth it in my book

        • paxmos

          Your plan works very well for the average cell phone user unless you are the kind that likes to have the latest and greates as often as possible, then it wont because there is that 2yrs waiting period. I myself never sign a contract, buy my phones unlocked, use them, sell them and move on to the next one. I guess we all have different way of doing things.

          • Leasa Beachley

            I would love to have the latest and greatest also. I also know that I can’t afford to pay for that. $650 is a lot of money to pay for a phone or the convenience of getting the latest phone.

          • Alaska

            T Mobile is also reducing plan cost if you bring your own phone, ATT refuses to lower their built-in phone subsidies. So if you think about it, with NEXT not only are you are paying the full price for the phone, but you are also paying ATT’s built-in phone subsidies as well. So in reality, that is one phone for the price of two. What a deal!

          • Leasa Beachley

            Stick with the original plan. I hope they aren’t forcing people to go to this plan. If you want a new phone then just pay full retail. I believe you will end up being ahead in the long run. Think about what they are offering and decide just how important getting new phones are. Usually not all that important.

          • Alaska

            I’d fire AT$T if I could keep my cell numbers I’ve had for 16 years.

  • On paper the T-Mobile plan is the clear winner (as you’d expect) but of course this doesn’t take into account the weakness of the T-Mobile network, specifically the massive coverage holes even in suburban areas of major cities.

  • Actually if you’ve been with t-mobile more than 8 years they will waive the down payment.

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