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FamilyWall for Sprint for all your Holiday planning!

The most merry time of the year is round the corner and we are all busy with our preparations. It seems that every year the festive period is particularly hectic and overwhelming

News and Rumors

34 Weeks of OHA #29

Regular series featuring each founding member of the Open Handset Alliance. This edition profiles T-Mobile.

News and Rumors

Froyo Manual Update Now Available for Motorola Droid

The Android 2.2 update for the Motorola Droid has finally been released for manual update! That’s right, all that Froyo goodness is finally here for you to enjoy.  To manually


  1. Ken in NH
    July 22, 14:48 Reply

    So, assuming two lines, you are paying $70 for 1 GB of data per month per line if you split the data usage evenly. How is this a good deal?

    • paxmos
      July 23, 11:53 Reply

      ATT never has good deals. Same plans perhaps different wordings!!!

  2. Alaska
    July 22, 16:25 Reply

    Funny, even the ATT Customer Service agent was not amused when she figured out that the “new and improved” plan would actually cost more than my current Family Plan with Unlimited Text and 2 GB data per phone. But I’d get Unlimited calling and Texting included in the new plan, along with the same amount of data at a “new and improved” higher price! Umm, no ty ATT, do you really think people are that stupid?

    10 million people have switched? Never mind, I just answered my own question….

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