Google introduces new textbook purchase and rental service

Google introduces new textbook purchase and rental service

Listen up, all you less-than-broke college students. Google is big on education – they always have been. They say that their Nexus 7 is great for students, and now they really want to drive it home. Starting this August, Google will offer up a “comprehensive” array of textbooks that student can choose to purchase or rent over six months – more than enough time to handle your semester needs. The textbooks will come from five major publishing houses, and – here’s the best part – will be available at as much as 80% off suggested price listings. Need more? How about the fact that your books can sync across Android devices, and even be accessible over the internet and on iOS?

It looks like, with recent announcements, Google is trying to take over just about every available niche  – even the ones we didn’t know we needed. Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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