LevelUp Studio gets into app launcher game with Quad Drawer

LevelUp Studio, the developers behind popular Android apps Plume and Beautiful Widgets, has decided to throw their hat into the app launcher ring. Today sees the introduction of their Quad Drawer, an app launcher that sorts your apps by usage, alphabet, recently used, or download order.

Quad Drawer is also meant to launch apps without even going to your homescreen. With the floating icon, Quad Drawer is one tap away, at any time. But what if it bothers you during a game or a video? Just double tap it to hide it during that time.

Quad Drawer options:

  • Choice between a light and a dark theme
  • Kind of keyboard (predictive or regular)
  • List or grid layout
  • Display of launch counter for every app

Quad Drawer is available for only $ 0.99 in the Google Play Store immediately.