Is Samsung testing multiple sizes for Galaxy Note 3?


Ever wonder why there are rumors of a 5.5-inch, 5.7-inch, and 6.0-inch Galaxy Note 3? From the sounds of it, that’s because Samsung is prepping and testing all three sizes.

According to a new Techkiddy report, Samsung is undecided as of now which way to turn for the next generation Note handset. Also worth pointing out, Samsung is likely using different cameras and processor for various models and that we’ll see conflicting reports and rumors until close to the actual launch.


Suffice it to say, there are multiple combinations of Galaxy Note 3 products floating around and there could be more than one official model. We’ve seen similar things in the Galaxy S4 and expect this to happen with other models down the road.

It’s also entirely possible that we could see variants of the Note series this fall; a waterproof Active model sounds intriguing, no?

What would you put in the Galaxy Note 3? What screen size, processor, camera, or memory would get you to open your wallet? Leave a comment below!


  • iampoch

    Screen size wouldn’t matter to me as much (though I would like it to be 6″) as internal memory. If their international version only comes with 16GB, then it’s a no-go for me (unless there’s a GE edition). I can opt to buy the SK version, but Samsung Mobile here in our country will not recognize warranty. Having warranty is important to me, especially regarding Samsung products.

  • disqus_0DvjPGmqim

    Fuck this phone, fuck the s4 where the fuck is my update to 4.2 on the note 2? samsung you are losing my interest by not updating this beastly phone. and at&t wont update the s3 to 4.1.2 which puts you two fucks in the same boat. I could care less about a note 3 or 4.3 update being available when im still on 4.1!!!!!!!!!