The Ubuntu Edge gets completely explained in 8 minutes [video]

The Ubuntu Edge gets completely explained in 8 minutes [video]

If the Ubuntu Edge phone has you confused, then check this out. Marques Brownlee has taken to YouTube to explain to the masses what the new IndieGoGo campaign is all about. Here’s a few highlights:

  • The Ubuntu edge will run Android AND Ubuntu
  • The Ubuntu docked OS will be able to talk directly to your Android OS
  • The device specs are 4GB RAM, 128GB internal storage, a 4.5″ display, and whatever CPU is most powerful at the time of creation – most likely an 8-core of some sort

The IndieGoGo campaign is asking for a record-breaking $32 million. That may sound like a lot, but as the video explains, it really isn’t all that much, considering the scope of what’s being attempted. Check out the video below.

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