Sprint 4G LTE network adds 41 new markets; total rises to 151


Sprint announced on Tuesday that 41 new markets are officially seeing 4G LTE speeds across the United States. With notable cities that include Philadelphia; the Bronx and Brooklyn, N.Y.; and Jacksonville, Fla.; Sprint’s footprint now reaches 151 areas in total. While it languishes behind the growth of AT&T and Verizon (actually finished), Sprint‘s LTE may finally be picking up steam. With that said, we’d love to see some Ohio coverage. For serious you guys.

Looking ahead, Sprint hopes to provide LTE service to 200 million people by the end of 2013.

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  • Brian

    Not sure if it’s worth the change at the moment. Dropped 7 calls today in Seattle and the only answer I got from Sprint is we’re turning on 4G and having bandwidth problems. Should be resolved soon we hope. Not happy because this is after 60 days of horrible coverage and terrible answers from Sprint.

  • I’ve been a loyal Sprint customer since 2005. My wife and I renewed last fall, upgrading to 4g LTE capable phones, with the vague, and not very confident promise of 4G LTE being in northeast Ohio “soon”. At this point I have a feeling that we may not see it in the Canton/Akron area by even next fall. 3G just seems to be getting slower, and more spotty in the meantime. Part of me is regretting not switching to Verizon last fall, despite it being more expensive, and not offering unlimited data. There are rumors of 4g LTE being spotted around Cleveland, and one of my friends swears she gets 4G LTE in Louisville, Ohio, of all places, so maybe we’ll see it sooner than I’m guessing.