Google reportedly testing hyper-local cards for Google Now


Google is currently testing new ways to deliver localized news reports, some of which could become part of the Google Now experience. Reportedly, Google is working to bring even more relevant information to users which pulls from personal interests, time of day, and location. The beta project may ultimately find a way into the settings for Android and iOS apps.

“One thing we’re testing right now is a very local hyper-local news card,” says Wright. “Which is really useful—it teaches me things about my neighborhood. For example, I found out Miss Mexico came to my son’s school, I saw that [the local] Chipotle was giving out burritos, and someone was stabbed in the park near my house. It’s very, very targeted to you and your interests.”

Have any of you encountered any new or weird Google Now cards in your travels? Did you find them helpful? What would you like to see implemented in future releases?


  • infogulch

    Marketing departments just can’t keep their hands hands out of the buzzwords cookie jar…

    HYPER MICRO 999G NANO (something)


    • CoryDobak

      Sorry, I’m pinging you to say you need to keep your forward perspective in tip top shape to leverage your action words to drive potential growth upwards.