HTC One not expected at Verizon until August 15

Don’t look to pick up the HTC One at a Verizon store tomorrow or later this week, it’s not coming. Well, at last check, it’s not going to be here on the previously rumored August 1.



According to new details obtained by Droid Life, the HTC One is not expected to show up at Verizon‘s doorstep until August 15, two weeks later than originally reported. Of course there’s no delay to speak of as Verizon has yet to give a firm launch date. All we have to go on thus far is “later this summer“.

Droid Life

  • Bill Baker

    I didn’t expect HTC One to launch sooner anyway. The new Droid line had to take the spotlight first. Once the hype dies down, then we’ll see The One.

  • Don Villapando

    Will the Developer Edition be compatible with Verizon?